"Beautiful, Melancholy album with a whole lot of passion! (5 stars) I just recently heard about this album through CDBaby.com and bought it after hearing a few samples in the above list. I have to say that I am glad that I picked this one up! The music is all acoustically driven with very mellow tones and soft, sometimes eerie, vocal stylings. The massive collection of eighteen songs is just great for a bring-down after a stressful day or just for listening pleasure! The album is beautiful! This CD will be in my standard rotation from now on!"
--Mick Nicholas (CDBaby customer)

"I Almost Exist"

  1. Allow Me To Introduce Myself
  2. Afternoon of a No One
  3. Trendsuckers
  4. Lips of Stone
  5. Frightened Little Fawn
  6. Saved by the Sound
  7. Transient Autumnal
  8. Indulge Me Unto Death
  9. Fountainhead
  10. You Oughtn't Have Missed Our Gumbo
  11. Shine Like The Sun
  12. Daydreams
  13. Higher Truths
  14. Astral Plane
  15. Fragile Voices
  16. The Hapless One
  17. Strange Visions
  18. The Dream of Solitude

I Almost Exist - Zanzibar