This is an early psychedelic folk project by singer/songwriter/producer David Melbye, many tracks from which would be reworked later in projects such as Ludivine and Heavy Water Experiments. It was treated as more of an archival gesture at the time, since Fuzz Beloved had recently dissolved, and Melbye wanted to record all his acoustic material up to that point before heading in new directions.

The music takes influence from such acoustic-oriented artists as Nick Drake, Donovan, Bert Jansch, Simon & Garfunkel, and others. The vocal style can be described as Pink Floyd-esque, subdued, mellow, and/or melodic. Besides using a combination of traditional fingerpicking approaches and unique open tunings, Melbye accompanies some of his songs with instruments such as mandolin, autoharp, tambura, and a variety of percussion. Many of these additional instruments were played by other musicians, among them the guitarist from Fuzz Beloved. In general, the music on this album is minor key oriented and has a vulnerable, melancholic quality.

The title "Zanzibar" comes from a nickname Melbye appropriated for himself while listening to psychedelic music inside a self-made tent in the den of his apartment in college. It has no intended relevance to the African locale.

The Hapless One


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